SAP functions for pre-population

Read Text into a text field

Use method /flm/sfs=>read_text_to_text_field to read a standard text and add it into a single field for form pre-population.

For example:

 READ TABLE ex_data WITH KEY name = 'DELIERY_TEXT' INTO l_data.
    l_index = sy-tabix.
    CALL METHOD /flm/sfs=>read_text_to_text_field
        im_tdid    = 'F04'
        im_spras    = wa_header-ekko-spras
        im_tdname  = l_tdname
        im_tdobject = 'EKPO'
        ex_text    = l_data-value.
    IF l_item_row = '001'.
      MODIFY ex_data INDEX l_index FROM l_data.
      REPLACE 'ITEM.001' IN l_data-path WITH l_item_subform.
      APPEND l_data TO ex_data.
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Friday, July 24, 2009
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