Upgrade Guide for FLM and SAP

Varo (FLM) Upgrade Notes

FLM support packs are shipped periodically to deliver collections of bug fixes and new functionality.  

Please ensure you read the Release Notes before installation, and perform regression testing in your DEV/QA environments before upgrading any live forms.   FLM functionality is designed to be backwards compatible except those functions held in class /flm/sample, which are subject to change without notice.  If you wish to use any of these functions, please make a local copy first in your own customer name space (usually Z* or Y*).

See the 1.1 Prerequisites for installing FLM section of the Installation Guide  for an up to date list of SAP Notes that must be applied for FLM.

When upgrading multiple support packs be advised that the upgrade tasks for each support pack must be done.

Varo 300 -> 310 Upgrade Notes:

Full upgrade details can be found in the Release Notes for FLM 310.


Varo 295 SP6 -> 300 Upgrade Notes:

Full upgrade details can be found in the Release Notes for FLM 300.

FLM 295 SP5 -> 295 SP6 Upgrade Notes:

Full upgrade details can be found in the Release Notes for FLM 295 SP6.

Archived FLM Upgrade Notes:

For upgrade notes covering older versions of FLM please refer to the upgrade notes archive.


SAP Upgrade Guide

This section covers any issues with FLM when upgrading SAP.

1. Deprecated SAPUI5 Theme after UI5 runtime 1.48

Please note that SAP have depricated the Theme used in the Varo Form Manager Portal (FLMUI5) with the release of SAP_UI 7.52.

Release Varo (FLM) 300 and Form Manager Portal (FLMUI5) 300 addresses this issue. 

Please contact support@arch-global.com to request download access.


2. Error: json was blocked due to mime type mismatch

Please note that the changes suggested in the note can be applied at any time without impacting the behaviour or stability of HTML forms. This impact ALL version of HTML v32,v33,v34 and v35.


HTML forms do not render in MUI or UI5 portal and on reviewing the developer tools console messages as below are listed (note these examples are from Microsoft Internet Explorer 11)

SEC7112: Script from <http/s>://<host>:<port>/sap/bc/bsp/flm/portal_mimes/Javascripts/fieldDefn_v35.json was blocked due to mime type mismatch

SEC7112: Script from <http/s>://<host>:<port>/sap/bc/bsp/flm/portal_mimes/Javascripts/FLMhelpTexts_v35_<cus>.json was blocked due to mime type mismatch

SCRIPT5009: 'helpText' is undefined


The SAP upgrade introduced strict mime type checking and as a result existing HTML forms no longer render.


On importing MIMEs if the file extension is not listed in SAP table SDOKFEXT then the standard behaviour of SAP is to assign a default MIME type of “application/octet-stream” e.g. file.js is of known type “text/Javascript” but file.json is unknown so is assigned type “application/octet-stream”.

Previously when linking files in the HTML <head> section using the script tag the type “text/Javascript” with files of type “application/octet-stream” was accepted by SAP but is no longer valid after the upgrade.

At the time this note was last updated the following SAP_BASIS service packs will introduce the issue

SAP_BASIS 700        SAPKB70036    
SAP_BASIS 701        SAPKB70121    
SAP_BASIS 702        SAPKB70221    
SAP_BASIS 730        SAPKB73019    
SAP_BASIS 752        SAPK-75203INSAPBASIS    
SAP_BASIS 731        SAPKB73124    
SAP_BASIS 753        SAPK-75301INSAPBASIS    
SAP_BASIS 740        SAPKB74021    
SAP_BASIS 750        SAPK-75014INSAPBASIS    


Perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Download the .json file and upload as .js
  2. In each HTML template change the reference to .json files to the .js equivalent
  3. Upload the template and test render
  4. Delete the .json MIME objects
  5. Transport the changes through your landscape


3. Data Loss During NW 7.5 Upgrade

Currently these are the only known issues that impact FLM when upgrading SAP to NW 7.5.  Installing FLM onto an existing NW 7.5 system is not an issue. 

The problem may first be detected by customers during the SPDD or SPAU phase of the installation process which shows that one or more tables or classes have been deleted in the /FLM/ namespace.  To avoid this issue please do the following:

  1. Add a namespace reservation.
    1. This can be done by editing the /FLM/SDOKCONT* tables in SE11, under the Delivery and Maintenance tab Maintain Customer Namespace then select "No Reservation" which will add the entry and activate.
    2. Even if it already says "No Reservation" do this step as the required DDIC entry may not be there.
  2. Changing the original system so it is not SAP for the /FLM/SDOKCONT* tables.
    1. In SE03 -> Change Object Directory Entries select Table/Structure and enter /FLM/SDOKCONT* for the given table.  Double click table and change the Original System.
    2. After this change you will notice that in SE16 Namespace Reservations the table is no longer flagged as being an original SsP table.
  3. Changing the original System so it is not SAP for the following objects. We suggest using the SID of the development system.
    1. In SE03 -> Change Object Directory Entries R3TR DEVC the following packages.  Double click table and change the Original System.
      2. /FLM/CUST
    2. In SE80 be sure that all the objects on the package above are not set to SAP for their original system. If they are the objects will need to be changed in SE03 so they do NOT have SAP as the original system.

  4. Transport changes

  • Some customers have experienced an issue with include report /FLM/LSVIMFXX being deleted. This in turn causes a number of the FLM configuration screens to short-dump. Customers facing this issue should import the following transport: Transport for missing include issue.zip
  • FLM Note 0189 may also need to be reapplied manually if it had been installed before the update.

After the upgrade in SPAU function group /FLM/DOCUMENT and /FLM/DOCUMENT_PROCESS_ACTION may be listed as deleted.

To correct reapply FLM Note 0189 and transport.

  • The password policy has changed on NW 7.5 and may require the passwords on web services to be updated. If PDF or HTML forms are using web services they may be affected.

To correct update the passwords on the account used by the affected web services and update the password in SOAMANGER.  If the user is a dialog user a login to SAPGUI to change the password may also be required.


4. Slow import upload performance to MIME Repository

  • Symptom: During development imports uploads to the MIME repository are very slow.
  • Cause: This is due to a large number of records in the SAP SMIMCONT1 table.
  • Resolution: Please create an index that contains PHIO_ID.


If there is an unresolved issue please open a new support case by sending an email to support@arch-global.com.