Online Functional Test Sequence


First Functional Test (Master Template)

The first functional test is to upload the Master Template which requires the template to be rendered by ADS and stored in the CMS.


Second Functional Test (Create Basic Form)            

This is test will show a form (in read only mode) rendering in SAP GUI using Preview Default Form.

Follow sections 1,2,3 of the First Form Tutorial. Keep it simple and only add one field (Name).

Once the form is bound and uploaded back into FLM go to the Form Type Configuration and set the form as Default.

Now you should be able to view the form in SAPGui by selecting the Preview Default Form activity.

The first time a form is rendered on a EHP1/2 system you may get an error for form class: /FLM/000n this is due to the classes being exported from NW700 and Imported into 701. To fix this open the class in SE24 and Utitlities -> Clean Up -> Method Includes and then again Utilities -> Regenerate Sections. This step will also need to be taken for TS01 and DOC1.


Thrid Functional Test (Submit via Portal)

Now you should be able to view your form in the FLM Portal and submit it to the backend.

Open URL and Login:


Proceed to:  Tasks -> New Form -> Category "All" -> Form Name "Test"

Once the Test form is open: fill in the some data in the Name Field and set action to "Submit" and Send.

You should get a green Icon and ! Form ID <FORM ID> successfully stored.

If Test form was successful proceed to the Full TS01 Test below.


Forth Functional Test (View Results in Dashboard)

If the form has submitted properly you should be able to view the form you submitted as it was submitted in the FLM Dashboard.

Go to SAP Menu (S000) -> Cross-Application Components -> Forms Lifecycle Manager -> Monitoring -> Dashboard

Select 'View Current Traffic' -> Submitted -> Show Forms -> Select a Form -> Display Form

Now you should see the form you submitted with the data entered in the Name field.

Congratulations FLM is fully configured and working properly.


Full Demo Form (TS01 Form)

The TS01 form should have been delivered with FLM. Upload this form using Form Transport Wizard -> Import formPackage.

Then follow the FLM TC100 Demo Form Configuration guide to setup an example Time Sheet form.