IFbA settings for Adobe Reader and Microsoft Edge



The following contains settings and compatibility details for desktop compatibility.

Microsoft announced the end-of-supportfor Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on June 15, 2022


Desktop Settings:

Please review the latest SAP PAM for NW 7.0 and the SAP Interactive Form by Adobe (SIFbA) scenario. 

If you are experiencing symptoms please review the following:

  • The wrong version of IE is being used in the FLM Dashboard.
    • 1833037 - SAPGUI HTML Viewer: IE8 and above is not supported by WebBrowser embedded in HTML viewer explains that you always get IE7 Standard Mode by default as the embedded browser.  The note recommends installing SAPGUI 730 Patch Level 7 or new and the installation will set the correct registry settings
    • To manually make the registry changes:
      • For 32Bit Windows:
        add new entry "saplogon.exe"=dword:11001 (decimal)
      • For 64Bit Windows:
        [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MAIN\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION]
        add new entry "saplogon.exe"=dword:11001 (decimal)
  • The FLM Portal should be in the IE Trust Sites
    • Tools -> Internet Options -> Security
  • Scripting is turned on in IE.
    • Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites -> Custom Level -> Scroll to bottom and Enable Active scripting
  • JavaScript is Enabled on in Reader
    • Edit -> Preferences -> Java Script
  • On Windows XP with Reader X ensure "Enable Protected Mode" at startup is off.
    • Edit -> Preferences -> General


Deprecated features

FLM Web Dynpro Java Portal

Customers who are still using the FLM WDPJ Portal may experience problems with their Interactive Forms if the IFbA (Interactive Forms by Adobe) environment changes due to a server or desktop upgrade.  The IFbA environment involves of the interaction of the following components: SAP Java Web Dynpro Framework, ADS, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer,  Adobe Livecycle Designer and the ZCI Script in the template. You can find more detail in the IFbA Problem Analysis wiki page.

The following assumes you are using the FLM Java Portal and have not yet migrated to the Multi-UI (FLM 295 SP3+) portal and have the correct version of the ZCI script has been applied to the .xdp template:  ZCI Migration tool

Possible Symptoms:

  1. Forms not opening - grey or white screen.
  2. Forms not submitting (spinning wheel).
  3. Forms submitting but the status stays at "Initial" in its routing or status doesn't change.
  4. Only the first opened after a computer restarts stays at "Initial" in its routing. 


  1. Issues around Symptoms 1 and 2 are often resolved by checking the Desktop Settings section below.
  2. For Symptoms 3 and 4 in most cases the default settings for Adobe Reader and IE should work on Windows 7 as long as you are on the latest SAP Netweaver Release and Support Pack. As of this writing this is NW 700 SP27 / 701 SP11 / 702 SP12 / 703(731) SP05, if you are on versions NW 700 SP23 / 701 SP08 / NW 702 SP06 or below you will likely have to customize some of your desktop settings as indicated below. Some customers also routinely customize and update their users desktop settings and if this is causing issues with displaying or submitting forms please see the following in desktop settings which give general guidelines for known working configurations.
  3. Because situations arise where it isn't feasible to control the desktop settings Arch also provides two FLM Notes to help catch Symptoms 3 and 4 and inform the user so they can resubmit or contact support to help resolve the issue.
    1. FLM Note 0112 will catch forms that are submitted but still at "Initial" status and has been superseded by FLM Note 0121.
    2. FLM Note 0121 will be included in FLM 295 SP4 and will catch a form submitted incorrectly at any status.
      1. This note will remove the 'status component' of field 'FLM_RETURN' on form render, so any .xdp templates in your system that use 'FLM_RETURN' to derive the form status must be amended to use the form variable FSTATUS.
  4. To resolve Symptoms 3 and 4 completely.
    1. You can upgrade FLM. With the release of FLM 295 SP3 there is now a FLM Multi-UI portal that is feature comparable to the FLM WDPJ Portal. The Multi-UI portal does not use the Java web dynpro framework and therefore the ZCI scripts are not required.
    2. If switching to the Multi-UI portal isn't an option SAP have provided a fix available on a limited number of Netweaver releases. See the documentation on the ZCI Migration tool for more details.