FLM Overview

FLM is the market-leading framework for implementing HTML and SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe (SIFbA) form processes.

FLM is a pure-play cross-application SAP form server.  Certified by SAP as a Powered by NetWeaver application, FLM is designed to be easy to setup and operate, to reduce the range of skills required of consultants and to add value right through from design phase to monitoring and reporting in the runtime environment.

FLM not only provides a comprehensive framework for using interactive forms but also radically accelerates & simplifies the form development process. FLM manages forms throughout the development, deployment and withdrawal cycles.

FLM has two components:

  • The FLM ABAP Add-on.
  • The FLM Portal. There are two implementation of the FLM Portal. Both support PDF and HTML forms.
    • The FLM Multi-UI Portal which is a BSP application delivered with the FLM Add-on.
    • The FLM Form Manager which is implemented in the SAP UI5 Framework and is a delivered as an ABAP Add-on that is a drop in extension.

By using the combination of the FLM Portal and FLM, customers can get on-line form functionality out-of-the-box, without needing to develop their own Web-based portal, Dynpros or iViews.

Technical Architecture.

FLM is designed to work with ADS to render PDF forms or HDS to render HTML forms.  Any form processes can be designed to use either PDF or HTML or any combination depending on the device type and specific end-user requirements.