Form Template management

Template Upload and Download

The initial form template (XDP) and (HTML) file is downloaded to the developer's PC by the FLM Form Wizard.

The downloaded template can be modified by Adobe Livecycle Designer (ALD) or an approved HTML editor.

After the form template design is complete, the form template must be uploaded to FLM using the Manage Form Resources menu option.

If further changes are required then the form template can be downloaded from FLM using the same function, or by running the FLM Form Wizard again (if the data schema needs to be changed or user-exits need to be added.)

The FLM monitor will give a warning if a form template is uploaded or downloaded by a developer if another developer has already downloaded the form template but not yet uploaded it.

The IMG tasks can be found in SPRO -> IMG -> Cross-Application Components -> General Application Functions -> Forms Lifecycle Manager -> Interactive Forms -> Setup Forms -> Manage Form Resources

Uploading and Downloading Form Templates

This activity is used to upload a template or form resource into FLM or to download a form-associated template from FLM onto any machine. The location to downloaded form to can be selected.

PDF form templates

 The Master template (Form Code XXXX) should be uploaded during installation, and it is used during the form design process to upload a customised template. During the activity, it will check whether there are digital signatures on the template, and ask you to select whether they are client- or server-side. Only one server-side signature is allowed per template.  Also a check is made on the version of the SAP-delivered JavaScript on the form template and the version of ADS installed on the JavaStack.  Following any upgrade to the ADS system then the form templates may need to be changed using the SAP ZCI tool.  See  Note 1042394 - Updating Interactive Form template with ZCI capability

HTML form templates

The Master template (Form Code XXXX) should be uploaded during installation. The Master template provides a base for form template design when selected when running the FLM Form Wizard. The form-associated html template, JavaScript files, Stylesheets and images may be downloaded and uploaded as required.

Preview Default Form

If a form type has been identified as the 'default' form in the Form Types Configuration screen, then this can be previewed using the 'Preview default Form' option in the SAP Implementation Guide.  This will render the form as a PDF with the SAPGUI in read-only mode. 

The form may be viewed as a pdf or html form template, based on the UI parameter setting in the Render Control function.