Offline forms

Note: Off-line forms processing requires SAP to be configured to send and receive e-mails as described in the FLM Installation Guide.  For inbound processing, some configuration will be required on the e-mail server to route inbound messages back to the FLM system.

E-mail configuration settings

There are two main configuration tasks:

E-mail settings

The offline form settings table stores a default e-mail address and standard texts for the e-mail subject, body and attachment name.

The receiver e-mail address is normally derived using the e-mail user-exit, which over-rides the data in this table.

Define Approved E-mail Addresses

The entries here represent a safety mechanism to prevent you from accidentally sending e-mails out of non-productive FLM systems.  Any productive-FLM system allows you to send a form to any email address without restriction.  Any non-productive FLM system can only send to e-mail addresses maintained in this table.

PDF offline forms

 Standard offline forms are PDF forms, sent out by FLM by e-mail, and then submitted back to FLM by e-mail.

 E-mail return file type

 The return file type can be set to PDF or data-only.  This can be controlled on the form type configuration table.

Return by http submit

The submission can be set to be via http submit (or https submit), which means that the user needs to submit the form 'on-line'.  This is controlled on the form type configuration table.

E-mail for decision capture

E-mails for decision capture have no PDF attached.  Some form data can be included in the body of the e-mail, and an action (for example, Approve or Reject) can be captured. This enables form processes to be extended to devices such as mobile phones.

The setting to trigger an e-mail for decision capture is made within the Form Routing table.

To add the possible actions to the body of the e-mail, the following html tags are required:



 Generating an offline form process

Transaction /FLM/EMAIL (program  /FLM/OFFLINE_SUBMIT) can be used to generate off-line forms if the starting point for a form process is an offline form.  This will be pre-populated as normal.  Typically an 'application document' will be used.  This can be any SAP object, and is available in the form-level pre-population user-exit.

To trigger an offline form programmatically, function  /FLM/OFFLINE_FORM_SUBMIT can be used.

Generating a free form

A 'free form' is a form that is rendered as a PDF but not recorded in the /FLM/FPE index table.  It is an offline form that can be submitted multiple times, and the form process will be started in FLM on receipt of the form.  The 'free form' is typically published as a PDF, and is not pre-populated for a particular user.  It can be submitted back to FLM by e-mail or by http submit.

Transaction /FLM/FREE_FORM (program /FLM/FREE_FORM_GENERATE) is used to generate a free form.