Managing Development Across an SAP landscape

1 Use of the form transport wizard

See the main article Varo (FLM) Methods for Transporting Forms for latest information.

2 Varo (FLM) System Specific Settings

Certain parameters, such as host names, vary naturally between the different systems in the SAP landscape (development, quality, production).

This configuration table provides a system-specific way for those parameters to be set and transported from development to production.  This avoids having to open up downstream system in order to make changes to configuration tables locally.

See the System Specific Settings section of the Varo (FLM) Admin Guide.

3 SAP-hosted web-services

If a form is connected to a web-service, and that web-service is hosted on the SAP system on which Varo (FLM) is installed, then Varo (FLM) will automatically re-determine the correct URL to connect to the web-service at run-time.

However, if the web-service is hosted on a separate SAP system, then you may need to re-point the form to the correct web-service before migrating, or add some JavaScript to the form template with the business logic about when to connect to each different web-service.  (For example, a different data connection could be executed based on the system ID.)

See the Using Web Services for more information.

4 Transportation: Other things to check

Customer Code

Check that the Customer Code configuration has been set up in the receiving client before migrating form types.

Number ranges

There are two number ranges to transport, one for form IDs and one for the Varo (FLM) transport log.  Ensure that these number ranges are in target clients.

Safe recipient list

The safe recipient list for e-mails should be transported to the quality/test system with all the names of the users who will perform system testing.

Standard texts

SAP standard texts, used for Varo (FLM) e-mails, should be added to a transport request using program RSTXTRAN.

Report variants

If report variants are to be transported, use RSTRANSP.


Messages in class /FLM/XXX (where XXX is the Customer Code) need to be transported.

Solution Manager

Check if solution manager is active and controlling transports.


The package should be called ZFLM_xxx with a valid transport layer.

Background jobs

Set up background jobs in new system after importing transports.

Class re-activation

Clean-up and re-activate classes using transaction /FLM/SFS_CLASS_REGEN after importing transports.

Note - deletions

Note that we cannot transport deletions with the transport wizard (system to system)