SAP Trusted System RFC Configuration

This article describes how to set up a Trusted RFC Connection between two SAP Systems.


  • Create and Test a SM59 Connection to the Target System. Do NOT set Trusted System to Yes.
  • In SMT1 add the SM59 connection as a Trust System by using the Create Icon
    • This will automatically switch the RFC to Trusted and remove the User Password.
  • Set the User in the SM59 connection to "Current User"
  • On the Target system a Role with Auth Object S_RFCACL must be added to users, if SAP_S_RFCACL does not exist create: Z_SAP_S_RFCACL.
    • SAP_ALL does not contain S_RFCACL.
  • In the Target system the RFC back to the originating system must appear as a Trust System in SMT1. RFC doesn't need to be configured for trusted connection.

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