System Requirements

Architecture Overview

System Requirements for Aquiller Add-On

The Aquiller SAP Add-On is installed onto the WebAS ABAP using the normal SAP SAINT transaction. The support WebAS release must be at least NW7.0* [NW2004s] or higher which includes NW 7.31, 7.40 and 7.5+.

See the 1.1 Prerequisites for installing Aquiller section of the Installation Guide for an up to date list of SAP Notes that must be applied for Aquiller.

It is recommended that both ABAP and Java stacks be at the same Support Pack and are patched to the latest available before the installation process is started.

The target system can be Unicode or Non-Unicode.

SAP system configuration on the host system must include an Adobe Document Services (ADS) connection in order to render PDFs (see here for the SAP documentation on how to do this) and also SSL in order to encrypt the traffic transmitted between the client application and the SAP server (see here for the SAP documentation on how to do this).

FLM Add-On

The FLM Add-On is also required.

You can learn more about FLM on the FLM Requirements page.

ADS Configuration

In order for Aquiller to be able to render PDFs the ADS component must be configured. This components is delivered as part of the standard NW 7.0 Java Stack.

Details on how to configure and test ADS can be found on the ADS Configuration Tips page.

Aquiller Desktop / Mobile Requirements

Content Authors require a 32bit Version of Adobe Reader and the Adobe AIR runtime installed.

  • Adobe Air Download
  • The 64bit version of Adobe Reader is the default download option.
    • To download the 32bit version go to the Adobe Reader Other Version Download Page.
    • Fill in the Operating System and Language and the non 64bit version option.

End Users require a web browser and Adobe Reader.

The lowest version of Adobe Reader supported by Aquiller is currently Adobe Reader DC. If the customer organization has an older version of Reader deployed, it is strongly recommended to upgrade to this version of Reader before installing Aquiller.

More detailed information is available upon request.