Offline Functional Test Sequence

If your system hasn't been tested after the initial configuration please first review the Online Functional Test Sequence to ensure your core configuration is working.

1 FLM Test Email Config 

Here we will run though a sample test to ensure outbound and inbound emails are working correctly.

1.1  Form Type Configuration.

In SPRO Enter: Form Types Configuration.

          Select the form being used for the test.

          Ensure that Transport Type is: Online and Offline

1.2  Setup Customer Code

Go to Setup Customer Code.

For the customer code in question:

          File Type: PDF Format

          Sender Email: example - <SID>@<SERVER>

          Offline User: FLM_OFFLINE

The Sender Email and Offline User are going to correspond to the settings entered in transaction SCOT.

1.3  Offline Form Setup

In Email Settings:

Set the Receiver Email to an account you have access to so you can verify receipt.

Hit F1 on the Offline Title Text and follow the instructions for the 3 next fields.

In Define  Approved Email Addresses:

Add the email from from the Email Settings 

This check is only done on Non-Productive systems to prevent mass emails to customers during development.

1.4  Run Trial Email Dispatch

Go to transaction: /n/FLM/MAIN

In Offline Processing run Trial e-Mail Dispatch.

1.5  Check your inbox.

If the form has arrived entered some data and submit.

If not check transaction SOST also in SCOT run Utilities->Routing Test

1.6  Check Round Trip in Dashboard

Go to transaction: /n/FLM/MAIN

In Monitoring run Dashboard.

Select Form.

Check “Include Terminated Forms”

Then “View Current Traffic”

Select all froms and Show Forms.

Find the form in Question and “Display Form”