Standard Aquiller Custom Variables


Aquiller is installed with a standard list of Custom Variables which is shown below.

1. Confirm if Aquiller is installed in a double or single system installation. Modify the Code provided below if required.

For Single Tier installation where Aquiller and SAP HR component is installed in the same SAP system - update the code the attached with the following:

  • Replace all references to Z_FLMCG_HR_DATA_FETCH with /FLMCG/GET_HR_DATA
  • Replace all references to Z_FLMCG_READ_TABLE_DATA with /FLMCG/GET_TABLE_DATA
Customer Code Variable Name Variable Description Code
Infotype PA0000
<Aquiller Customer Code> ACTION_DESC IT0000:Action Type Description ACTION_DESC.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> ACTION_REASON IT0000:Reason for Action Description ACTION_REASON.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> CUSTOMER_STATUS IT0000:Customer Specific Status Desription CUSTOMER_STATUS.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> PAYMENT_STATUS IT0000:Specific Payment Status Desription PAYMENT_STATUS.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> EMPLOYMENT_STATUS IT0000:Employement Status Description EMPLOYMENT_STATUS.txt
Infotype PA0001
<Aquiller Customer Code> BUSI_AREA IT0001:Business Area Description BUSI_AREA.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> COMPANY_CODE IT0001:Company Code Description COMPANY_CODE.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> COST_CNTR IT0001:Cost Centre Description COST_CNTR.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> EMP_GROUP IT0001:Employee Group Description EMP_GROUP.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> EMP_SUBGROUP IT0001:Employee Sub Group Description EMP_SUBGROUP.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> JOB_DESCRIPTION IT0001:Job Description JOB_DESCRIPTION.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> ORG_UNIT IT0001:Organizational Unit Description ORG_UNIT.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> PAYROLL_AREA IT0001:Payroll Area Description PAYROLL_AREA.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> PERS_ADMIN IT0001:Personnel Admin Description PERS_ADMIN.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> PERS_AREA IT0001:Personnel Area Description PERS_AREA.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> PERS_SUBAREA IT0001:Personnel Sub Area Description PERS_SUBAREA.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> TIME_ADMIN IT0001:Time Administrator TIME_ADMINISTRATOR.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> PAYROLL_ADMIN IT0001:Payroll Administrator PAYROLL_ADMIN.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> POSITION_DESCRIPTION IT0001:Position Description POSITION_DESCRIPTION.txt
Infotype PA0002
<Aquiller Customer Code> COUN_BIRTH IT0002:Country of Birth Description COUN_BIRTH.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> LANGUAGE IT0002:Language Description LANGUAGE.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> MARTIAL_STATUS IT0002:Martial Status Description MARTIAL_STATUS.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> NATIONALITY IT0002:Nationality NATIONALITY.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> FORM_ADDRESS IT0002:Form of Address  Description FORM_ADDRESS.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> GENDER IT0002:Gender Description GENDER.txt
Infotype PA0006
<Aquiller Customer Code> ADDR_TYPE IT0006:Address Type Description ADDR_TYPE.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> COUNTRY IT0006:Country Description COUNTRY.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> STATE_PROV_COUNTY IT0006:State Type Description STATE_PROV_COUNTY.txt
Infotype PA0007
<Aquiller Customer Code> TIME_MGMNT IT0007:Time Management Description TIME_MANAGEMENT.txt
Infotype PA0008
<Aquiller Customer Code> PAYSCAL_AREA IT0008:Pay Scale Area Description PAYSCALE_AREA.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> PAYSCAL_TYP IT0008:Pay Scale Type Description PAYSCALE_TYPE.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> WORK_HRS IT0008:Work Hours Description WORK_HRS.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> PAYGRADE_LEVEL IT0008:Pay Grade Level Description PAYGRADE_LEVEL.txt
Infotype PA0009
<Aquiller Customer Code> BANK_COUNTRY IT0009:Bank Country Description BANK_COUNTRY.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> BANK_KEY IT0009:Bank Key Description BANK_KEY.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> PAYMENT_METHOD IT0009:Payment Method Description PAYMENT_METHOD.txt
Infotype PA0041
<Aquiller Customer Code> DS_ENDDATE IT0041:Date Specification End Date DS_ENDDATE.txt
<Aquiller Customer Code> DS_STARTDATE IT0041:Date Specification Start Date DS_STARTDATE.txt



In addition to these standard Custom Variables, the list below includes those Custom Variables which can be made available on request:

Custom Variable Infotype Description of code
Vacation Remaining (for the current year)

Select employees where:

  • IT0000 ENDDA and their is an Action for  Termination in IT000 MASSN
COMPANY IT0001:BUKRS Name of legal entity (company code) that the person belongs to