FLM for HR Hints and Tips

1. Over-riding blank rows in drop-down lists.

By default FLM for HR adds a blank row in drop-down lists.  This can cause a problem if there is already an entry in the SAP drop-down list that is legitimately null.
In this case a change to the delivered INCLUDE /FLMHR/F4_PREPOP code can be made as follows:
* Is there a blank row?
READ TABLE ch_form_data INTO wa_allddvals WITH KEY name = space.
*                                                 value = space.  “ removed in case blank code has real value

* If not add one at the top so users can revert selections to blank
IF sy-subrc NE 0.
  CLEAR wa_allddvals.
  INSERT wa_allddvals INTO ch_form_data INDEX 1.

2. Making /FLMHR/ namespace changeable.

For applying fixes, or adding posting user-exits, then /FLMHR/ namespace needs to be set to be modifyable as follows:

·         Call transaction SE03 (or program SAPCTS_TOOLS via SA38)

·         Under the Administration node choose “Display/Change Namespace”

·         Switch from the default Display mode to Change (Ctrl+F1)

·         Find /FLMHR/ on the list and double click to select

·         Change the namespace role from P to C and press enter

·         A warning will be displayed, enter past this

·         Save the entry

·         Create a new transport request


You may now and “repair” the customer includes.


3. Launching a form from Aquire OrgPublisher


The attached document describes instructions of how to build a URL link to a form from OrgPublisher.


Accessing FLM EForms From OrgPublisher.docx