Common Subforms


The FLM for HR Framework uses two subforms:

  • SF_HRCONTROL : Used to store standard fields for all HR forms
  • SF_CONTROL : Used to store fields specific to a form type.  (Customer-defined)

The fields in SF_HRCONTROL are:

  • TXT_INITIATOR_PER (Personnel ID of the Initiator)
  • TXT_IM_DOCUMENT (Passed in document number)
  • TXT_MAN_NAME (Name of manager)
  • TXT_MAN_USERID (SAP User ID of manager)
  • TXT_MAN_PERSID (Personnel ID of manager)
  • TXT_ORG_ID (Organisational Unit ID)
  • TXT_ORG_NAME (Organisational Unit Name)
  • TXT_ORG_ABBRV (Organisational Unit Abbreviation)
  • TXT_MOLGA (Country Key)
  • TXT_MOGLA_CURRENCY (Currency of the Country Key)
  • TXT_ACTION (Action Code)
All these fields should be defined as Character fields in the FLM Form Wizard.

Fields in SF_CONTROL typically include all other hidden fields, such as the arrays:

  • AR_PERSAREA (Personnel Area/SubArea array)
  • AR_EMPGROUP (Employee Group/SubGroup array)
  • AR_WORKSCHED (Work Schedule array)

It is normal to use the following additional fields in a visible subform:

  • DT_BEDGA   (Effective Date)
  • DD_ACTION_REASON (Action Reason)