IFbA Problem Analysis

This document should help you identify and possibly head off problems related to ADS.

ADS has Stopped Rendering Forms:

General Trouble Shooting Analysis

Problem Analysis Scenarios for Adobe Document Services

Activating ADS Trace.

Details on how to activate ADS trace can be found in the Development and Customizing section under the Investigating PDF Render Issues in the Debugging Tools article.

Common Errors and Solutions:

File does not begin with %PDF- with ADS Render Error: FLM Loc: GET_PDF_FROM_CMS:2@fillbuf

Adobe Reader: rights are no longer valid

Adobe Reader / Internet Explorer Server Error: Class: UCF_Acroform

Processing exception during a "UsageRights" operation.

ProcessingException - CORBA Connection to XMLForm failed 

ProcessingException - Unknown Exception (java.lang.NullPointerException)

Problems after Upgrades (ZCI)

If your Interactive Forms stop function properly (hanging / spinning wheel / form submits with no data) after an upgrade to SAP this could be do to your ZCI script being out of date.

Find out more on our Upgrade Guide for FLM and SAP page.

Make sure you are basing your form on the latest version of the Master Template which can be downloaded from the Form Template Library.

Inside each Interactive Form there is a bit of JavaScript supplied by Adobe used for communication with ADS. If this JS is at an older version than the one expected by ADS there could be compatibility issues. SAP supplies a tool to automatically update the JavaScript inside the form template. Please see the following SAP Notes.

Also be sure that the ABAP and Java stacks (ADS) are at the same release.

Java Connector Errors / SLD

The Java Connectors check the SLD each time they are accessed.  If you are using a Central or Remote SLD for the Java Stack hosting the FLM Portal and this SLD becomes unavailable for any reason then the Java Connectors used by the FLM Portal will produce errors.

The solution is to use a local SLD that reports to your Central SLD. This will improve performance and reliability/uptime.

Java Connector / Session Timeouts

Adjust the the length of the timeout settings in Visual Admin.

  • In Visual Administrator
  • Server -> Services -> Configuration Adapter (Runtime -> Display configuration tab) -> webdynpro -> sap.com -> tc~wd~dispwda
  • Change the value of the DefaultExpirationTime, Default 60 Minutes.
  • Configuring the Web Dynpro Runtime Environment

Users Desktop Configuration:

Following are a set of notes related to supported version of desktop applications required for using ADS.

General: Note 1090464 - Interactive Forms-Web Dynpro Java-Limitations/Recommendation

Adobe Designer ( For Developers)

Wiki Article on Adobe Lifecycle Designer 10.4 Upgrade.

Master Template (For Developers)

  • Get the latest version here: Form Template Library
  • If you are having problems with Reader X (10) but forms work correctly in Reader 9.4
    • Download your form template.
    • Got to File -> Form Properties -> Defaults tab
    • Review the "Override Default Rendering" settings and either turn it off or set to Acrobat 8.0 (Dynamic) XML Form.

Adobe Reader

Reader Download and Release notes:


Browsers: Internet Explorer and Firefox

  • IE6 64bit is not supported for Interactive Forms according to the SAP PAMs.
>> Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro!
  • If you can't access the FLM Portal or no forms are displayed this could be due to Internet Explorers security settings. Try adding the server hosting the FLM Portal to the Trusted Security Zone in IE.



Note 66971 - Supported SAP GUI platforms

The only known issue with SAP Gui and ADS/FLM.


Windows: XP / Vista / Windows 7


Server Confiugration:

See ADS Performance Tuning Tips.

Java Stack

Some General SAP Notes to consider:

Note 716604 - Access to Sun J2SE and recommended J2SE options

Note 723909 - Java VM settings for J2EE 6.40/7.0

Note 724452 - Central Note for SAP NetWeaver Java Server 04/2004s