WebServices Guide

Table of Contents
  1. Webservices Configuration

Webservices Configuration

Aquiller uses a number of webservices to communicate with SAP from a variety of application. Endpoints have to be created for the webservices shipped with Aquiller.

  • Transaction SOAMANAGER.
  • Menu options can vary accross NetWeaver releases:
    • NW 7.0x: Select Business Administration Tab and select Web Service Administration.
    • NW 7.31+:  Select Service Administration Tab and select Web Serivce Configuration.
  • Search for '/FLMCG/AQUI_AIR_APIS'
  • Select the row and press apply selection
  • Go to Configurations tab and press Create Service and enter the following.
    • Service Name: FLMCG_AQUI_AIR_APIS
    • Description: Aquiller AIR APIS
    • Binding Name: FLMCG_AQUI_AIR_APIS

  • Scroll down and select the Authentication Settings.
    • On NW 7.0x systems check No Authentication under Authentication Settings and hit save.
    • On NW 7.31+ systems  instead of selecting No Authentication under Transport Channel Authentication select User ID/Password and Single Sign On if configured.
  • Press Save to save the settings.
  • Follow the same procedure as above and create a service endpoint for '/FLMCG/AQUI_BROWSER_APIS'.
    • Description: Aquiller BROWSER APIS