Stylesheet Guide

Download Adobe Livecycle Designer

The Stylesheet template is maintained in Aquiller using Adobe Livecycle Designer. To download Adobe Livecycle Designer follow the steps below:

  • Follow the link to view the current version of Adobe Livecycle Designer (ALD) and it's features: Adobe Lifecycle Designer 10.4 Upgrade
  • Read the SAP Note attached for instructions on how to download the current version of Adobe Liveycle Designer SAP Note 1863816.pdf
  • A password is required to access the SAP Market Place. This may be obtained from your SAP BASIS team.

Create or modify a  Stylesheet Template

  1. Navigate to transaction SPRO > Cross-Application Settings > General Application Functions > Aquiller > Stylesheet Management > Download Stylesheet

  1. Select a stylesheet from your existing Aquiller client/system or use the "Master Stylesheet" downloaded during installation.
  2. Launch ALD, select Open and choose the .xdp file in the Aquiller folder on your c: drive. As a default, stylesheets are saved in the folder c:FLM/Form Templates/AQUILLER.

  1. Click on the Master Page tab to make changes to the stylesheet.
  2. Add or change logos, text, addresses or images to be displayed as part of the letter header. These are objects selected from the Object Library and dragged and dropped onto the Master Page as required. Logos are added to the form using Image, whilst addresses or other text is added using Text.
  3. To display the Object Library, select the Window option from the Main menu and select the Object Library from the drop-down list.
  4. Ensure that the Letter Data Fields in the Design view are not changed or deleted, as these fields are used to display the text from the Letter Template.

  1. Add or change any details at the bottom of the stylesheet to form the footer of the letter.
  2. Select File from the Main Menu > Form properties >Variables >
  3. Click on FTYPE in the left pane and type in 4 character Form Type <XXXX>, for example CE01, which is the name you have chosen for your stylesheet.
  4. Click CCODE Variable on the left pane and update the 3 digit CCODE with FLM linked Customer Code (not the Aquiller Customer Code).

  1. Rename and save the Stylesheet in this format - FLM_<CCODE defined in Step3>_<FTYPE Defined in Step4>_E_00.xdp (Example FLM_ACL_CE01_E_00.xdp).
  2. Navigate to transaction SPRO >Cross-Application Settings >Aquiller >Stylesheet Management >Upload Stylesheet
  3. Browse to select the stylesheet file
  4. Press Execute and enter a meaningful description when prompted. Your description will be the name of the stylesheet seen in Aquiller.

N.B. This procedure can be repeated as required for creating different styles of templates by defining a unique 4 Character Form Type as described above


Creating Stylesheets with company and recipient addresses on the same line

A Stylesheet can be created to allow the use of a window envelope to post letters to colleagues(employees), or where two addresses are required on the same line, one left aligned and one right aligned.

  1. Create a stylesheet, where the first Master Page includes the company address right aligned as a text object and any header or footer details, such as a  logo that should appear on the first page of the letter.
  2. Set the first line of the Master page content area so it overlaps the company address. This will allow both addresses to be printed on the same line. The content area is shown selected in the image below, with an address inside the content area.
  3. Create a second Master Page which does not include the company address but has any header and footer details required for all pages.
  4. Set the Master page content area starting below the header details.

*Note: Where a company uses multiple addresses on employee correspondence, a new stylesheet and template must be created for each company address to be selected in Letter Writer.