Best Practice and FAQ

Override Email setting in Non-productive systems

The Override Email setting in Aquiller is used to override any email address derived from the personnel master record with an Aquiller system administrator’s email address. With this setting active, all Aquiller correspondence will be directed to a single recipient email address. This setting applies in non-productive systems only.

Although this setting is Aquiller-specific, all Aquiller emails are sent from the underlying FLM system, therefore the FLM strategy around sending emails is also applied. The impact of this is as follows:

  • In a non-productive system by default, an email can only be sent if the recipient’s email address is maintained in the Define Approved Email Addresses activity in the IMG.
  • This setting can be overridden by a flag in the FLM System Specific Settings” IMG activity, which can switch off the above safety check.
  • To make use of the Override Email setting in Aquiller, the recipient email address must also be added to the FLM Approved Email List, unless that setting itself has been overridden.

Disabling the FLM Approved Email List is not recommended, however, as it is a common list used by both FLM and Aquiller. Aquiller emails can be directed to a single recipient via the override email, but this is not the case with FLM, such that FLM emails could be sent to an end user if their details were maintained in a non-productive environment.


Moving Content and Templates through the landscape

By default, SAP prompts for a workbench request for transporting data held in application tables – tables defined with delivery Class.

The Aquiller transport manager adheres to the same principle to transport data from these tables onto a target client/system. SAP does not allow these table entries to be transported by using a customizing request when done programmatically via the Aquiller transport manager tool. However this is possible when manual transports are created.

To add transports manually, follow the transport manager principle of adding the table entries in a workbench noting that the table entries are client specific.

All the content/template transports are created and can be imported when transported to the correct client.

The workbench transports then need to be imported  into the client. Using this method, the client specific transport entries will make its way into the target client.

Unlocking Content and Templates

When a user opens Content or a Template in Aquiller, the item opened is locked so that editing can only be performed by one user concurrently. If a user does not close and exit from the Content or Template before existing from Aquiller, the open items remain locked.

To unlock the Content or Templates:

  1. Log into the SAP backend-> Go to transaction SE38>Enter Program /FLMCG/UNLOCKOBJECTS
  2. Press execute
  3. Key in your username and press Execute