Field-level User-exits

In order to use field-level User-exits, you must select the type of Userexit required in the wizard. There are two types of field-level Userexit: Read Routines and Post Routines.

  • Read routines occur when the form is rendered: prepopulating a field or creating an F4 dropdown based on data from SAP. Read routine data may be updated during form processing using the FLM check-cycle.
  • Post routines are concerned with manipulating the data on the form before it is posted, i.e. Substitution, Derivation and Validation. These routines are executed when the user clicks ‘submit’ on the form, and, if a validation fails, the user will be able to re-enter the faulty data.  The order in which FLM processes Post routines is:
    • Substitution
    • Derivation
    • Validation

Field-level user-exits can be maintained through the menu option Forms Lifecycle Manager> Interactive Forms> Business Logic> Field User-Exits in the SAP Implementation Guide or by navigating to the Form Data definition through the Form Types Configuration screen, and double-clicking on the traffic lights in the Form Fields tab.

F4 Possible entries

Use this function to create a drop-down menu on a field, with values based on live SAP data. For example, you might want to allow an employee to select a current client against which to bill their expenses from the live list held in SAP. The advantage of using this User-exit as opposed to hard-coding the dropdown possible entries on the Designer template is that the values will automatically update as the values in the system change, without having to be edited manually.

Field-level prepopulation

Prepopulation means defaulting the field’s value to a predefined value when the form is rendered, and allowing it to be seen by the user. Often used in conjunction with the Read-Only property. For example, you might want to enter the name of the user based on the login credentials they entered in the portal.


Used to check the validity of user-entered data against SAP back-end data, and allow user to re-enter data if necessary. You might want to use a message box to prompt the user as to the nature of the validation error if it occurs.


Used when the user-entered value is to be substitued for another, related to it.


Use this Userexit to derive a SAP-relevant value based on user-entered data. For example, you might want to post the number of hours an employee has worked to SAP, when they are entering their start and finish times. To do this, you might create an invisible field on the form: ‘total hours’, whose value would be calculated from the start and finish time fields.