FLM Administration

Administration Guide

Please refer to the Administration Guide page.


FLM History

The FLM history report shows an event log for each form.  Use (or clone) this report to show what actions and updates have take place to a form. 

FLM Dashboard

The FLM Dashboard shows every form at every status, enabling searching using the form index fields. Any individual form can be displayed within the transaction, and the audit trial.

The FLM Dashboard can be used to re-assign any form to a new form status and/or a new form owner. 

SAP System Log

The FLM system log captures various events that occur in the system - the log is a tool supplied to help with the initial system configuration and also to help when problem solving. Among other things, the storage of form attachments (other than the form history) is recorded here.

FLM Transport Log

The transport log shows all template uploads and downloads, and form package (.flm files) uploads and downloads.

Batch jobs

There are four programs that are normally set-up as background jobs:


A daily reminder job and multiple escalation jobs are typically defined.  The program is /FLM/WF_ENGINE.

Form Posting Engine

Multiple posting jobs are normally defined.  The program is /FLM/FPE_INVOKE.

Form clean-up utility

A job is normally defined to remove forms at 'Initial' status after a number of days.  The program is /FLM/FORM_CLEANUP.

Form archive utility

A job to archive form data after a number of days can be defined. The program is /FLM/FORM_ARCHIVE

Posting failure alert

If there are any posting errors, then normally an e-mail is automatically sent to an administrator.  The administrator's e-mail address can be determined from the Form Posting Engine configuration, or from the FPE Alert user-exit.

Other tools

Creating classes

When all FLM classes are assigned to form types, generate new classes in the development client using transaction /FLM/SFS_CLONE_CLASS.

Regenerate form classes

After transportation to a new SAP system of a class or form type, re-active if necessary using transaction /FLM/SFS_CLASS_REGEN.

Deleting form types

If a form type is deleted from the Form Types configuration table, then the related entries in other configuration tables can be removed using transaction /FLM/RESET_TABLES.

Generate form documentation

You can automatically generate documentation for a FLM Form.  Transaction /FLM/AUTO_DOC creates the documentation and saves it as a PDF.  The PDF contains all the customer code for that Form as well as Posting Adaptor Code. Note that the FLM Form DOC1 must have been uploaded into the system beforehand. This form is supplied with the FLM software.

Preview default form

This activity will open a preview of the form which is currently set as default within SAPGUI. Useful to check the appearance of a form’s template after uploading

List CMS documents

This simple report lists form data and also checks that the form data is stored correctly in the CMS database. Make your selections of the form types you would like to view on the initial screen, and click ‘execute’ to produce the report. It is useful for investigations during system setup, as it links the Forms Posting Engine with the record in the CMS database.

Form Transport Wizard

This utility is used to move form process configuration between SAP clients or between SAP systems.   All the related configuration and user-exit code for a form process are collected onto transport requests, which can be migrated using normal SAP transportation tools.