Form Manager (FLMUI5) Notes

0) Critical Notes that should be applied.

There are currently no critical notes for the Form Manager.

1) Varo (FLM) Notes

See the Varo (FLM) Notes page for the latest fixes for Varo (FLM).

2) Form Manager FLMUI5 100 Notes

01) Save to draft", "Delete Form" and "Save as Template" are not available in the FLM Forms Manager. FLMUI5 0001.pdf

02) Dropdown entries on HTML forms are not renewed during check-cycles. FLMUI5 0002.pdf

03) Old forms can not be opened from the UWL in the FLM Forms Manager. FLMUI5 0003.pdf

04) After downloading or viewing an attachment the pdf form is no longer visible. FLMUI5 0004.pdf

3) Form Manager FLMUI5 100SP1 Notes

05) A blank page is shown when trying to access a form in the FLM Forms Manager. FLMUI5 0005.pdf

4) Form Manager FLMUI5 120 Notes

06) The special FLM actions: "Save to draft", "Delete Form" and "Save as Template" are lost after a check-cycle on an html form. FLMUI5 0006.pdf

07) You are not able to upload attachments in the FLM Forms Manager. FLMUI5 0007.pdf

08) You can not see entries for form types for which you have "display authorization" but not "create authorization" in the "Type" drop-down in the "My History" page. FLMUI5 0008.pdf

09) When launching the "FLM Forms Manager" you get the following error in the console: "The navigationMode property is deprecated and must not be used anymore. Your setting was defaulted to 'Scrollbar' - Element sap.ui.table.Table#inboxTable". Also, you can not set the "Navigation Mode" to "Paginator" via the personalization dialog. FLMUI5 0009.pdf

10) After a synchronous posting fails, the form is returned to the submitting user with the following message: "Email <email id> successfully sent." FLMUI5 0010.pdf

11) You wish to use a standard text object in order to create a custom "Successful Submission" page. FLMUI5 0011.pdf

12) The attachments tab is not visible when you launch a form via the UWL. FLMUI5 0012.pdf

13) Setting a form type to "Blocked" stops you from rendering the form instead instead of just restricting the creation of new instances. FLMUI5 0013.pdf

14) After uploading an attachment in the FLM Forms Manager, the System Reference field is blank and the attachment is missing when the form is re-rendered. FLMUI5 0014.pdf

15) Forms appear in your inbox with an "Available From" date of 1st December 1969. FLMUI5 0015.pdf

16) When uploading attachments via the "FLM Form Manager" the full path to the uploaded file is saved in the system as the attachment filename. FLMUI5 0016.pdf

5) Form Manager FLMUI5 300 Notes

There are currently no notes released for FLMUI5 300.

All notes released prior to FLMUI5 300 have been included in FLMUI5 300.