Form Template Library

The following forms contain layouts and script that may be useful for the purpose of developing new forms.

Radio button hide demo Demo for hiding fields
Arch Style Guide

Highlighting fields on field entry/exit

Adding and removing rows

Date Manipulation Demo to calculate difference in two dates
Field Validation Demo for validation event
Mandatory fields Demo for highlighting mandatory fields on submission
Pop-up windows Demo for pop-up windows
Help texts Demo for help text display
Simple Drop-down Demo for generating a drop-down list
Cascading Drop-down Demo for generating cascading drop-down list
Drop-down list Demo for accessing drop-down list data
Lock form Demo for locking form objects

Clear data

Reset data

Demo for resetting form data
Web service URL Demo to show web service URL derivation
Attachments Demo to show attachment management
URL launch Demo to show how to embed URL hyperlinks
IAS Timesheet Monthly Timesheet

Arch Expense Form.pdf

Old Arch expense form with data


Example expense form

FLM_LSC_SA01_E_00.xdp Sickness and Absence Return form
CardiffCSickness.pdf Sickness form mock-up
AW Mock-up CGS.xdp Mock up form to demo look & feel
FLM_ACL_CMCF_E_00.xdp Car Allowance Claim
FLM_ACL_DFT1_E_00.xdp Request for Payment form
FLM_ACL_CGS7_E_00_old.xdp Purchase order (output) form
FLM_ACL_CGS9_E_00.xdp Invoice (output) form
SC_Payment_Variation_mockup.xdp Payment Variation mock-up
TFL familiarisation mockup.xdp Certificate mock-up
TFL loan mockup.xdp Employee Loan Request mock-up
HMRC form.xdp Appraisal Form
New Supplier template.xdp New Supplier form
FLM_ACL_TNSF_E_00.xdp Employee Transfer form
FLM_ACL_LG01_E_00.xdp Form Logging example (v295 SP1 - uses JavaScript snippets)


The FLM Master Templates:

The latest Mater Templates can be downloaded for the Master Templates article in the Customizing and Development Guide.