Timesheet (TS01) Demo Configuration


FLM is delivered with a demo Time Sheet form based on the one used in the FLM training course.

The TS01 form provides a full demo of a form process using PDF and/or HTML forms as well as an option for switching automatically to an optimized HTML template for the iPad and then posting the submitted data to the SAP backend. This requires some example data for the demo and some minor configuration to ensure the forms works for the scenario its intended to be used in.

This document describes how to install and setup the delivered materials.


The installation of the Demo Time Sheet includes the uploading of the FLM packages and associated CSS,JavaScript and Image files.

The installation of the latest version of FLM HTML Master Structure is a requirement for the HTML part of TS01 Demo. It can be downloaded from The Master Template wiki.

Import the TS01 form packages.

Start by importing the FLM Time Sheet Demo packages using the import package function in the FLM Transport Wizard.

In SPRO -> IMG -> Cross-Application Components -> General Application Functions -> Forms Lifecycle Manager -> Tools -> Form Transport Wizard

  • FLM_DV2800_ACL_TS01_00_E(Encoding=4103).flm - Import first, this package contains the PDF and HTML templates.

Select  "Import form Package" and follow instructions.

  • Tip 1: If the file path is to long or contains special characters you might get an import error about .xdp not supported. Move the file to your local desktop and try again.
  • Tip 2:  When importing the package into a systems that isn't a Unicode system or on Intel hardware you will need to change the code page so FLM knows which code page the .flm package was saved as (Encoding=4103). If its a non-unicode system the code page will be 1100 which will need to be changed to 4103.

Import MIME resources

For the HTML version of the form upload the MIME resources such as CSS (style sheets), JavaScript and Images files included with this form (as well as the Master Structure MIME resources if you have not uploaded these during install) by using the "Manage Form Resources" IMG activity.

In SPRO -> .... FLM -> Interactive Forms ->Setup Forms->Manage Form Resources

  • Navigate to the correct object type: CSS, JavaScript, etc.. see HTML files instructions below.
  • Right click and upload or import and browse for the file to upload.

  • Be sure to have the Varo HTML Master Structure v35_2 has also been uploaded.

Import HTML File.

The FLM_ACL_TS01_E_00.HTML template file needs a minor change before uploaded.

  • Copy FLM_ACL_TS01_E_00.HTML to FLM_<Customer_Code>_TS01_E_00.HTML where <Customer_Code> is the 3-alphanumberic code used when configuring the FLM Customer Code. For example ACL.
  • Open the copied file and change ACL to the <Customer_Code> used in the file name.
  • Then upload into the Form Resources -> Form Templates -> HTML by right clicking on the file name if it currently exists in Form Resources and Uploading MIME Object.

Form Configuration

The TS01 demo requires some example data and some minor configuration checks to ensure the forms works for the scenario its intended to be used in.

Make table entries in SE16.

The following entries will provide demo data for the (F4) Drop Down boxes in the form.

The field entries are arbitrary and can be any values you like, some example values are provided.

    USER:  USER1
        - or use the logged in users name and the Personal Number below will be prepopulated on the form.
    Personal Number:  00102222
    Add as many entries as you like.

    Cost_center: <Anything> C100
    Cost_Njame: <Anything> Client Time
    Cost_center: <Anything> C400
    Cost_Njame: <Anything> Personal Time  

/flm/tc100_task (Values can be anything)
    Task_Type: 1
    Task_Name: Holiday

    Task_Type: 2
    Task_Name: Admin Task

    Task_Type: 3
    Task_Name: Internal Task

    Task_Type: 4
    Task_Name: Customer Task

Add FPE config entries.

The following should be provided with the TS01 form.

To have a simpler Demo the Status of 'S' could also be used so that the form data can be posted to the SAP backend on the forms first submission.

In SPRO -> .... FLM -> Interactive Forms -> Forms Posting Engine -> FPE Configuration

Select the Form Type and "Valid Statuses".

Add the following entry if it does not exist otherwise check the "Posting OK" for Status: G

Customer: ACL   
Ftype: TS01   
Status: G   
Posting OK: Checked

Then for "Posting Adaptors"

Customer: ACL   
FType: TS01   
Status: G  
Step: 0
Req: leave blank
Posting Adaptor:  /FLM/TC100_TIMESHEET_700

Maintain Device Characteristics

Ensure that an entry for the iPad has been added to the Maintain Device Charcteristics. This table lists the search parameters for determining which browser and platform is being used based on the browsers User Agent string.

In SPRO -> IMG -> Cross-Application Components -> General Application Functions -> Forms Lifecycle Manager -> Initialize Customer Code -> Advanced Settings -> Maintain Device Characteristics

If there is no entry for iPad add one like the example below.

How to determine which template is being used for iPad

Note: This section is for FYI, no changes need to be made.

Each form type has its own set of User-Exits where customizing code can be added to control various aspects of the form process.

To control which template is used with a specific device the Template Form Level User-Exit can be used.

In SPRO -> IMG -> Cross-Application Components -> General Application Functions -> Forms Lifecycle Manager -> Interactive Forms -> Business Logic -> Form Userexits

Test and Check

Now that the form has been installed and configured it can be opened in the FLM Portal, filled in and Submitted.  At this point the form wil be available in the FLM Dashboard and if there is a Valid FPE Status for 'S' it can posted to the SAP backend where you can view the database table and see that it has been updated.

Submit a Form

The first step in the process is to open the form and submit some data that can then be posted.

To open the form go to the FLM Portal: http://<server:port/sap/bc/bsp/flm/dispatcher/default.htm

  • Login as a user that has a role with FLM Authorization.
  • Select  New Form -> Select the Category TS01 is in -> and then the TS01 Form.
  • In the TS01 form select a "Week Commencing" which will run a check cycle to populate the form from SAP.
  • Then add a Task Type, Cost Center and some times.
  • Now Select "Submit" from the drop down and select the Submit Button.

View the form in the FLM Dashboard

After the form has been submitted it can be viewed in Read-Only mode via the FLM Dashboard.

The Dashboard is available in SAP Menu -> Cross-Application Components -> Forms Lifecycle Manager -> Monitoring -> Dashboard

  • At the bottom of the screen select "View Current Traffic"
  • On the next screen select the "Submitted" row and "Show Forms"
  • On the Form List screen select a form and "Display Form"
  • The Form Viewer will who the form as it is at that Status.
  • Use the Back Arrow and Buttons to get out.

Post the form in the Form Posting Engine (FPE)

Once the form has reached a Status that is valid for posting  the FPE can be run to execute the Posting Adapter associated with the form.

The Form Posting Engine (FPE) can be found in SAP Menu -> Cross-Application Components -> Forms Lifecycle Manager -> Forms Posting Engine -> Invoke FPE

  • Search for the Form Type: TS01 and execute.
  • Select a form in provided results and select "Foreground"

Check the table for the update

After a successful posting the table /flm/tc100_data which can be viewed in SE16.