Developer Guide

Calling Floe APIs

Floe is triggered by calling APIs.  There are four Floe APIs that you can embed in your custom code to trigger Floe.

  1. Generate an Email or HTML document: /FLOE/EMAIL_OUT
  2. Generate a PDF document from Floe template: /FLOE/PDF_OUT (from Floe 210, licence required)
  3. Generate a PDF document from HTML: /FLOE/HTML_TO_PDF (From Floe 210, licence required)
  4. Generate an SMS text message: /FLOE_SMS_OUT (From Floe 220, licence required)


Custom trigger program
Build your own custom trigger program

Custom trigger for mass correspondence
Send emails to all customers, vendors, employees etc.

SAP Workflow and Floe
Add trigger points to the Floe API from your SAP Workflows.  (SAP Workflow expertise is required)  Handler /FLOE/CL_SWN_DELIVERER_BCS is delivered.

Trigger Floe from Change Events
Add trigger points to Floe from business events to trigger notification emails, with no workflow required.

Use Floe for FI correspondence
Add trigger points to Floe from FI correspondence print programs, to replace legacy SAPScript and Smartforms.

Use Floe for Payment Run output
Add trigger points to Floe from FI payment run print programs, to replace legacy SAPScript and Smartforms.

User Floe for SAP Document Output (SD/MM)
Add trigger points to Floe from any document print program. See other examples in the sample code section.

Varo/Stelo : Floe Integration
No development is required as Floe is integrated with the FLM framework supporting Varo and Stelo

Varo/Stelo: Posting Adapters
Add custom trigger to Floe from any posting adapter function

Aquiller: Read content
Include Aquiller paragraphs in a Floe email


Email Recipient User-Exit
Determine the email recipients and the template language

Email Data User-Exit
Determine Floe variable data, or manipulate data to make it user-friendly

HTML Block Determination User-Exit
Dynamically determine content blocks

Email Body User-Exit
Dynamically change anything on the entire document after generation

Image User-Exit
Dynamically determine images  (embedded images only) 

Attachment User-Exit
Add business rules to dynamically determine what attachments to add to an email

Email Sender User-Exit
Dynamically determine the Email sender (eg based on document or organisational data)

Inbound User-Exit
Trigger SAP updates based on data from inbound emails.

Sample Code

Document output print programs

Using Variables

Dynamic Images

Varo & Stelo 

Downloadable Floe Packages

Floe 200

Examples including user-exits and variables:

Examples for look and feel only (hard-coded data):

Floe 210 Packages

Inbound processing example (Install both packages - hard-coded data):